Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Used Trucks Diesel In Colorado Where Do You Sell Used Heavy Duty Diesel Trucks That Don't Run.?

Where do you sell used heavy duty diesel trucks that don't run.? - used trucks diesel in colorado

My father drove a truck for a living and his truck stopped working yesterday. I do not know exactly what is wrong with him, and he has no money to repair it. He had to sell because he had no intention to go into retirement from his business anyway. Where can I post for sale, with the hope that the buyer must pay the towing? I do not know the make or model of truck, but I'm sure if he sells at an attractive price could someone use it for parts or something, if it is too expensive to repair.

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nitch82 said... guaranteed to sell if you craigslist. They even have a category only if the parties want to sell that way.

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