Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Patty Cake Video Stream If My Significant Other Lives In A Different State, Can We Play Patty-Cake By Ourselves?

If my significant other lives in a different state, can we play Patty-Cake by ourselves? - patty cake video stream

We both play video camera, but I love making cakes so.

We played in front of the camera?


Pig said...

LOL. Not sure if this question is taken literally or not, but I would say to each other play punches to the web-cam, without touching the device painted. Or you could find another game to play, like the hand jive just one person!

showtime... said...

Just fight through it. It is better to play Patty Cake, call the camera to someone else. You can imagine what it would receive some not so crowded in front of the camera

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