Saturday, January 9, 2010

Compulsory Third Party Insurance Car Running Costs In NZ?

Car running costs in NZ? - compulsory third party insurance


I have to travel to New Zealand next year we expect at least 6 months.

I see more of the two islands, and I want to have my own transportation.

I thought, either:

Transport my car from Sydney or
To buy a car 2nd Hand, if I am there.

... but can not find any information on this and the associated costs.

If you have additional compulsory license, together with fees and costs? Could you please estimate of a 25 y / o woman, how much it would cost for 6-12 months.

Well, everyone knows what needs to be done must be able to drive my car ..... I must again or something register?

I really do not understand all this. I paid what I'm saying ...

Thanks for any help. I looked through the pages, but can not find a definitive answer


• Koala • uʍop ɹǝpun said...

Enter more cars - that's cost more than the value of the car! Many used cars for sale, and pay much cheaper than in Australia.
For expenditure registration, see ...

Nothing to do with the possession or driving a vehicle in New Zealand, visit the website Land Transport

The AA (It's like RACQ) ...

Insurance is not included in the file, you need to buy separately - you can register here quotes ...

Trade me ... is like the NZ version of eBay, you can also find many cars.

Another option is the parking garage for less than $ 1 a day shift until you like something, and even travel. ... At one point, you also have money for gas.

........ and not, insurance is not mandatory, like Australia.

truth teller said...

Buying a car there.
$ 6728.61

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