Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dog Warts On Butt Female Dog Infection?

Female Dog infection? - dog warts on butt

My Boston Terrier has what looks like a pimple or a wart on the vagina, it is possible to ...

She continues to rub her butt on the ground, at least we thought he was rubbing his ass .. What do you think the issue could be


yukidoma... said...

Are you sure that her vagina, not the years?

When she rubbed her ass on the ground remains, she would have probably emptied his anal glands. Enter either your vet or your hairdresser and do it for you easily. Do not wait until she is infected.

jmor818 said...

Bostons are known for the yeast infection in her lower regions. The color is rusty around the vulva, so that the yeast. This would explain the brush again, where irritation and infection.

What is the exact size of growth and is confident that he is not in the anus? If large or unloading, this can be anything like a serious injury and require medical treatment by a veterinarian.

Good luck.

sciencec... said...

There could be many things, and no one can diagnose properly online. Do not treat your account, simply call your veterinarian.

If cost is a problem, let it go untreated or inadequately treated, will probably be more expensive in the long run.It could get worse or spread, making it more expensive and difficult to specify. If you and try to enjoy your dog can ill that a higher price than when they are taken to a veterinarian for the original task.

Call the vet.

bluebonn... said...

Abcesso could be anal glands are emptied.

It is cheaper to take a dog to the hairdresser, if necessary. They are perfectly capable of anticipating them. If you see a vet to abcesso.

Cate said...

Take him to the vet. You may have a yeast infection, than to get you.
The cream should heal.

charlieb... said...

all I can say is bring it to the vet. Doctors know what is wrong. so as soon as possible before there is even worse. Good luck!

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