Thursday, January 21, 2010

Denon Dvd Changers Rare Capacity Sacd Changer Why My Denon 1730 Dvd Player Screen At The Setup Jerking?

Why My Denon 1730 dvd player screen at the setup jerking? - denon dvd changers rare capacity sacd changer

I'm just a player in 1730, a few days ago and found that the image stable on the screen configuration and bumps, but if the film is good and clear picture.


Dolly said...

The best way is to call Denon hel [p Most online sites give you a period of 30 days to a product like yours back if there is a problem, better to start this right now, so you can return it. It all ties into the property and not a connection problem?

ZeeMan said...

Check your place of purchase or contact the seller.

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