Friday, January 22, 2010

Redoing Brick Fireplaces Advice On Redoing My Fireplace - Want To Add A Mantle, New Stone Facing, And Cover The Chimney W/drywall?

Advice on redoing my fireplace - want to add a mantle, new stone facing, and cover the chimney w/drywall? - redoing brick fireplaces

I have a 2-storey vaulted ceiling in my living room. The present focus / chimney is not a coat and red brick was painted white. I would add a simple overcoat, some marble, slate or other rock wall below the layer and the brick fireplace on the ground.

About the coat, because the brick chimney is 20 meters, I would cover the fireplace with drywall to cover up the bricks and adds more depth to the wall. So my questions are:
- Are there any risks to the bricks and mortar to existing stone? In view of the brick is structural, not decorative, did not want to break.
- Are there problems in the brick above the mantle will soon be constructed with drywall? You do not know when to have chimney must have heat or make potential problems with the fire code.
- Any idea how much should it cost?

Thanks in advance!


docsammo... said...

By a face in his cloak made of stone - marble or other refractory material can be used with Chickenwire and mud. WARNING - may relate to the fireplace that is not fireproof - This is not an option, but a security risk! So, if you show your coat for two reasons - 45 * Draw an angle on the surface of the stack --- this way, the placement of the mantle, how far they spread further. Return to the chimney top - you can grind and polish the stones to the contrast or the extension of the forehead all the way up to the ceiling. I am a big fan of Rock River for those who lock, but if the material is fireproof - you should leave to your imagination and fun. You can reach me at with questions or comments.

A.C.Girl said...

To the bricks down, then you can buy already-built stone walls (I have seen at home redecorating shows) the conclusion of a panel, as plaster and can be placed in the same way. I'll see if I get more information, see ......
As for drywall, I would call the local fire department. There is no fee to visit your home to see what types of support, and we will inform you about the fire codes.


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