Sunday, January 17, 2010

Printer For Hospital Wrist Band How I Can Obtain The Donation Of 6 New Or "newer" PCs For A Charity Organization? Printers, Too, If Possible.?

How I can obtain the donation of 6 new or "newer" PCs for a charity organization? Printers, too, if possible.? - printer for hospital wrist band

I started with a benefit concert that gives free legal advice and counseling for victims of abuse, exploitation or lured foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong. We wrote letters and affidavits. These go to court, the Department of Immigration, employers, labor, police and some hospitals. The budget of the organization is minimal. Even if a religious organization, a church connected. The computers are old. Suggestions on how to circumvent the donation of 6 computers, and maybe a couple of printers? Where do I start?


Mat D said...

Sounds like a brilliant Organization - Why not try to be a story about their organization in a local newspaper, or what?, You will be amazed at the generosity of the public,

luguze said...

Go to the middle culural Americans in Hong Kong (if you have one), contact with other foreign or government. The library is located with tips, addresses and websites of organizations that could help in these cases sufficient. Also check out local churches and missions that are already in employment in this area.

Good luck and keep up the good work!

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