Saturday, January 23, 2010

Is Lexi Tyler Pregnant Is It Wrong To Try And Break To People Up For A Good Reason?!?!?! (story Included)?

Is it wrong to try and break to people up for a good reason?!?!?! (story included)? - is lexi tyler pregnant

This is the story that the child named Tyler. And the use of Tyler for me and my friend. Well, he lied to me until much later and are just above us. It is also in its Lexi GF. anyway, where I'm always a bit cheated that Lexi Tyler said that two ex-girlfriends (not true), then Lexi, the girl who cheated, asking whether it is true and not even know it. Well, I 'm a bit of history in its ...... Is it possible that I want to help bcuz hes an idiot and is another reason that I'm a little jealous of him with a GF. I was wrong to do? or If you earn? add there's more, the history, but also much more. What do you think? "It was a mistake, or whatever. Thanks

I doubt whether high breaking ...... and me and my friend, how sh *, so you do not know everything. But defiantly violated. ik (i like a ***** but hes just sounds like a d-bag)


cocacola said...

Do not make two unhappy only you make them happy.

It's selfish. And he's very immature to stories about people who are malicious.

Do not be jealous the upper hand, and let people be happy, I think you should tell Lexi that you have made history and wanted to break with him because he did not want him to be hurt by them are well aware what it is.

What follows is the decision of Lexi.

Anonymous said...

You should Lexi Tyler. To three people in a situation involving what have been done was very bad. Its not jealousy come upon him with another girlfriend to you. You went wrong with the whole situation.

Belle said...

I think its ok to protect and jelous completely natural feeling. But in all honesty, maybe we should leave ... then hes changed, unless they be .. If not happy, then they learn to live and Wil .. like you. heal gradually Wil .. thats love and life ..

♥Dee♥ (in the middle) said...

was wrong in any case, lie on it, does not like it when you lie Tyler Why would anyone else? I think I should explain exactly what happened.

CaRii said...

Yes, it is a mistake. Think of it as killing someone, it does not stop for you. Since a relationship.
Oh, it is necessary that the gap "type Tyler."

misscass... said...

to stop well, no matter how much you tell the truth. U will be so relieved, cuz u used to so much trouble! tell him how Bout U Feel lied to him and hes sometimes. Do something!

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