Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hybrid Vs Gas Tankless Vs Converntional Water Heater, Gas Or Electric?

Tankless vs converntional water heater, gas or electric? - hybrid vs gas

I have an electric water heater, which is due for replacement. To get mine, and are centrally heated gas. There is no line of gas by pipeline to the location of the heater.

I think a tankless water heater. I plan to have electricity, because not even wired up the house. If I go with gas, they must pass a tube. What do you think?

What do you think gas hybrid (/ electric) water heater?

It is a tankless water heater really better than a conventional water heater with an attached timer?


Anonymous said...

Stick with wut works.replace electric heater.

MyHuman... said...

I think it really depends on the needs of your home. A gas water heater is very reliable and durable. Tankless heaters are compact and efficient use of less power. They also provide all the water you need without running out.

I think the best thing that could be done to see someone in a Home Depot and Lowe's, and online research to see what work best for you.

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