Monday, February 15, 2010

Science Behind Sun Skin Diagram How Do I Achieve Healthy, Light And Blemish-free Skin?

How do I achieve healthy, light and blemish-free skin? - science behind sun skin diagram

I am a man of 16 years and I am fully aware of my skin. This is my worst. I'm not attractive, but because of my facial skin have a low self-esteem. I wonder if there is anything that can help you?
I semicircular black rings under his eyes (which make me cheeks burned) and spots on my face. I have spots, but I'm working slowly on this point.

I would like to know the science behind healthy skin. I am willing to try even more things, but I'm looking for a natural way. Is there a certain vitamin that can take more than you can help me? Or peeling in particular? I've heard that drinking water helps?


VICTORIA said...

Drink lots of water.
Come clean the system and help your face look fresh.
Wash your face in a three-part system.
Cleanser / toner / moisturizer.
I use St. Ives apricot scrub first.
Then, the clean and clear astringent toner /.
Theni, just use CVS brand facial moisturizer.
You do not have many brands, but be sure to use what works for you.

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Melissa said...

Best thing to do is go to a dermatologist
you give a recipe for a face cream that really works
I have done and what actually works
also a good scrub is as follows:
Neutrogena Body Clear
to a body wash with beads that epidemics is arrested.

wisest of the wise said...

Yes Drink 8 glasses of water a given day, a mask with green clay, use it with lemon juice and aloe vera juice .... take a shower when you open the hot water opens pores and then wash with a mild soap ... then cold water to close pores again .... Wash your face with warm salt water every day ..... Sun .... Intake of vitamin D. .. and finally go to seek a dermatologist, professional help

E.nice said...

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ThreeHol... said...

The same problem, and I'm 28th Go to a dermatologist, you start drinking plenty of water filtered for at least 8 glasses per day. Your doctor will give you a current or clogged pores antibiotic for severe acne. This took me, but we have been hard on my skin dries out and was really bad wound. I saw a sunburn on my cheeks and dark circles.

Research on alternatives, I found with essential oils for facial cleansing and moisturizing. I use extra virgin olive oil and rubbed my troublesome areas on my face after washing with a mild detergent such as soap or Cetaphil soap. It works wonderfully and I did not break out acne. Research on the Web, be sure to use unrefined cold-PREssed oils If you choose this path. Almond Coconut oil is also great, but the use of extra virgin.

I wandered by the storm for the marketing of industrial cleaning agents face when I read many negative articles and research reports. Many chemicals used in these products and moisturizers actually harmful for the skin. I blame the propaganda of the big pharmaceutical companies to make extra money, it's not fair:)

The exercise, drinking water and natural (olive, coconut, almond) moisturizer should be a great help. Also check out Yahoo or Google these questions, extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, essential oil or revised Clean skin care facial acne or websites. Several times I have others on this subject and read first-hand testiNuns in success.

Good luck!

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