Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Double Heart Programs Nancy Pelosi, Do Think You Really The USA Can Hug Terrorists Into Submission?

Nancy Pelosi, do think you really the USA can hug terrorists into submission? - double heart programs

I'm not stupid, but I am sure that the terrorists have one goal in mind, and that to destroy the United States. How will you deal with a group of people who have a goal?
Kill all Americans!

If you allow amnesty for 15 million illegal immigrants (possibly continue twice), including the United States any information about his criminal history, nationallity much less as an officer that you are the immigration to this travesty?.

This amnesty program will harm may benefit more than Mexico.

Please explain how you think you may be able to win the hearts of terrorists!


Stormcha... said...

They have the best question of the day! It is a socialist, communist /, hiding under a democracy! If you have not noticed, Americans are losing more rights and that since his group took control in the form of a bill HR 2093, 984, 254 and 1592! Deprivation of freedom of expression and the correction of the government, will there for you!

Vote for Tom Tancredo is not a traitor! You should also know that there is a bill pending in Congress that the illegal alein for purchasing a home or financing would be prohibited. It is human resources Bill1427 .. Call them and let them know what you think! Although the NRA join it, not because the Americans protect them!

The voters any form of amnesty should be prosecuted! Americans should be prohibited, and remove them from our house of Dikentatives and Senate!

Freedom said...

The terrorists are Arabs. Non-Hispanic IDIOT

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