Saturday, February 20, 2010

Online Relationships Through Roleplaying Age Difference And Phone/cyber Relations?

Age difference and phone/cyber relations? - online relationships through roleplaying

Hello, I'm a little older than 18 years and my girlfriend is 16 years. We know what in the person and the respect of illegal before the law, but recently it occurred to us that we are not sure how it works online, via SMS and telephone. We have a long distance relationship, and above all, we live in different states.

If you do me a photo or an MMS message in your underwear, this counts as child pornography? What are the limits? No Act is obvious, of course.

This is a "* * mime, the" illegal? How about a kiss * *? Or something explicitly sexual role? What about sexual matters?

I hope you can forgive moral judgments, and only a few words what is legal and what is not, and where the boundaries. Thanks!

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