Friday, February 19, 2010

Logitech Eyetoy Drivers Playstation 2 Free Eye Toy Logitech Camera As A Webcam?

Eye toy Logitech camera as a webcam? - logitech eyetoy drivers playstation 2 free

We have a computer with Windows Vista and I'm just a normal user without administrator privileges. However, my brother is the administrator, and install anything to anyone. A few months ago, I downloaded the drivers to install to work my camera EyeToy as a webcam to get fully functional, but now, having to uninstall it, it will not work if I reinstall. Who knows exactly how I can get this (in a crazy idiot-proof enough) to install as a user without administrator rights, the Eye Toy?

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Anonymous said...

There is none that require the driver to reach the required levels of the system, therefore, administrative rights. My brother can install the driver and you are the administrative officials can not get out to the webcam. So ask your brother to install it. Questions, was very nice!

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