Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pop Bracelets Meaning Im Having Trouble Seing Were I "fit In" With The Fashion Categories?

Im having trouble seing were i "fit in" with the fashion categories? - pop bracelets meaning

I like the scene in a certain degree of apparel and clothing of the hip pop culture, nice girls in such a mixture of both? Category, what am I? I am thin, with a rim of hair, has a couple of vans, but I have one or two floors. I talk / Chuck Taylor and high peaks. I have three pairs of Jeans 2 skinny jeans and a pair of olive green. I have a few graphical output, I think I have big pieces of nail-painting "pop" that is, they are brightly colored bracelets. I saw the tape across the square with em but I have my own Jackson Pollock splatter painting of the seats (yay!). Act, I am black, but does not know to ensure that only certain people can take thread so that everyone you know? So, the natural sound ... I wear jackets hip-hop (like the United States, Lupe Fiasco) I wear earrings hang all slopes. I always use small west. I listen to hip-hop soul pop-rock gospel and neo soul jazz, blues and pop some, but not the rock (like Coldplay or the Australian pop-rock genre that Ryan Seacrest radio program) I will listen didn ' metal or Death metal or what I like. Gorrilaz but I listen to because they are unique. raggae'm essentially a mixture of everything. So, what I intervene or a group? Not really a sense of belonging, but with the band geeks and the music department (even if I go with the cooler group of them) What am I? I have a feeling of belonging ...

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