Monday, December 28, 2009

Flea Allergy Dermatitis In Cats Is A Breeder Liable For Vet Bills If Our Puppy Has A Serious Flea Problem/allergy?

Is a breeder liable for vet bills if our puppy has a serious flea problem/allergy? - flea allergy dermatitis in cats

We have just bought a puppy, cocker spaniel, Thursday evening. I specifically asked the breeder if the dog has fleas, before I decide to buy, and of course he did not say. When we got the puppy, I noticed that he scratched his ears and said that the dog always bites. I believe nothing of what our Cocker has always had ear problems. However, the dog scratches himself constantly because he has fleas. We have 2 cats and have never had fleas in the house or garden. Now I will have brought all the animals in the front line, all the washing, carpet shampoo to treat the puppy with a kind of reaction from the flea dermatitis at the time, and spray the house and garden. The vet bill came to $ 235!
I called the breeder on Saturday on the chips and said he was angry about fleas. I asked him to call again. I left several messages since 2 and I did not call again! Is responsible for all this expenditure? Please help! Thank you!

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